Work Model Based to become faster and to avoid mistakes.
And also as it is mandatory as per ARP 4754B...
AirPlan MBSE Toolbox

We make it very easy to get started with model-based systems engineering.
Model Based System Engineering is a chance.

We have 10+ years of experience in working model based even before it was mandatory (ARP4754B). We started doing it to have consistency and traceablility and to simplify communication. We developed processes and software tools which make model based systems engineering not only more fail safe and more consistent than standard document driven development but also faster . Now there is no reason to start an engineering project without a central model. Having a single source of truth in one central model brings consistency, accuracy, efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced collaboration. The model data is always the reference- that enhances trust, efficiency and effectiveness.

Highly automated Modeling Process.
Software Aided Modeling

Our modeling toolbox assists users during the modeling process. Our software automatically supplements many usually meticulous and error-prone data, ensuring data consistency and significantly speeding up the modeling process.

Reuseablility of already done Work

Nothing feels worse than having to do the same work twice. Our modeling processes are highly modular, so the work that you have already put in will help you in many projects to come.

Automated Change Management

The development process has to be fully traceble. But tracing changes manually is time consuming and prone to mistakes. to manage changes with as little as possible user input we automated the change management of our mbse environment. .

Full Traceability

Every modification to the model is fully traceable, and any deletion can be reversed.

Automated Document Creation

Save days of work by derivating development documents and artifacts automatically from an existing model in the click of a button. With our processes documents like ICDs and functional specifications are always up to date and consistent.j

Data Consistency.
Minimum Input Rules

By adhering to minimum input rules, we guarantee uniformity in the formulation of requirements, following clearly defined guidelines.

Single Source Of Truth

Using one central model as single source of truth provides

Consistency: Ensures that all stakeholders are working from the same set of data, reducing errors and discrepancies.
Efficiency: Streamlines workflows by eliminating the need to reconcile different versions of data, saving time and resources.
Accuracy: Centralizes data management, which helps maintain up-to-date and accurate information across the entire project.
Collaboration: Facilitates better communication and coordination among team members, as everyone has access to the same information.
Traceability: Enhances the ability to track changes and understand the history of decisions, improving accountability and compliance.
Scalability: Supports the growth and complexity of projects by maintaining a robust and flexible data structure that can easily adapt to changes.

Perfect Fit.
Full Data Accessibility for Customers

We do not withhold any data. All available data can be accessed by the customer through our export process.


We integrate our process world individually into your existing processes.

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